Large arch shaped panel featuring a beautiful hare framed in a meadow in the moonlight. Hares feature heavily in folklore and legends across the globe and are commonly linked to the moon. In European folklore the Hare is the messenger of the Great Goddess, moving by moonlight between the human world and the realm of the gods. Alternately, figures of hares are commonly found at Chinese Moon Festivals, where they represent longevity, and fertility. As a largely nocturnal creature the hare has been bestowed a mysterious and mythical fiction ensuring an enduring place in our stories and tales. In this ceramic art work the hare sits still in the meadow basking in the glow of the shining moon.The clay in modelled in detailed relief with delicate detail impressed to create texture to hold the shimmering glazes. Each piece is individually hand made ensuring no teo pieces are ever the same. The panel is framed in a solid wood frame with inner wooden slip mount.

Hare in the Moonlight

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